I’ve known troubles, and I’ve seen strife,

Nights as dark as the blackest midnight…

Days as bright as the rays of the sun

Bringing us together—uniting us as one.

I’ve found tranquility to be but an illusion,

In this mixed up world, filled with confusion.


No rest, no comforts, no peace of mind,

Nothing to ease the pain of doing this time;

Taken away from you…away from me,

Separated from home and family…

Never to proudly watch over the little ones as they grow,

Nor teach them the do’s and don’t’s of life they’ll need to know.


Captive here within these walls,

Missing everything but seeing it all;

In this Chamber where men lie,

Far from friends and family—just waiting to die;

No more walks in the rain, or communion with nature,

Hearts frozen solid as the oldest ice glacier.

No summer, no fall, no spring, and no winter,

Nothing but the time to which you was sentenced.