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Vickie Burick

Spirit of the Wood

closeup photo of a ghost pipe (Monotropa uniflora), an all-white plant with a nodding flower head, growing out of fallen leaves

Touching the Sky

photo of two conjoined trees shot from a very low perspective; the bark is scaly and blue-gray with rust-colored dots/ the foliage is sparse and the sky is bright blue

Seeker of Sunlight

closeup of a wet bee with tousled hair on a bright orange flower petal facing the sunlight


a single-stemmed tan mushroom with a delicate pleated cap; depth of field is very shallow and the background is a bright leaf green


close-up photo of a large spider with hairy legs cradled in the bowl of a web


Born in Maryland, Vickie grew up with a love for music, nature and photography. She earned a BA in Psychology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Vickie moved to Georgia and then to North Carolina to work as an Environmental Educator Naturalist. Leading youth on hikes gave Vickie the unique photographer’s eye she uses to find intricate beauty in the natural world. In 2001 she moved to Asheville to pursue music and studied photography at Blue Ridge Community College. Vickie Burick Photography launched in 2017, as did her band Many a Ship, weaving together a career based in her passions. Her photographic work has been displayed at The Grey Eagle, Plant, West End Bakery, Big Crafty, and Frame it to a T in Asheville, and at Zuma in Marshall NC. Her photography collection “Among the Trees, Behold the Stars” is currently at Allgood Coffee, Weaverville, NC.

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