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Carla Klinker

Cathedral of Trees

an abstracted forest made of thick, long brush strokes in many shades of green; the center of the image is quite bright and the stokes around the edges are dark with sections almost black
oil on canvas, 48″ × 32″


a stylized painting of many-lobed green leaves with a background of tree branches; the leaves are dark against the lighter background as if looking up toward the sun from within a forest
oil on canvas, 48″ × 32″


Carla Klinker is a contemporary painter and sculptor. Her abundant and expansive creative work is informed by her experience growing up neurodivergent in a commercial fishing family in rural Alaska. She earned a BFA at Oregon College of Arts and Craft in Portland, Oregon in 2003. In addition to her studio practice, Carla is a curator, creative consultant, theater set designer, teacher, floral designer, and muralist. She is one of seven Alaskan artists/mothers who exhibit as a group across the state of Alaska.

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