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a literary journal published by the Black Earth Institute dedicated to re-forging the links between art and spirit, earth and society

Lilace Mellin Guignard


Along with the fog, we spill

our sad grace in the city park.

Early joggers appreciate a hint of fairytales.

But when they see our numbers growing

they will spit and call us pigeons.


I refuse brotherhood with the rock.

The river is a fool to call me still.

Each morning I slip its grasp

and lever onto what was once

cornerstone in a castle for men.

See, the sun melts my slowly arching back.

Western Coyote

After the moon sinks,

a penny in a black fountain,

the sun wastes no time

with its scorching exposure.

I move quietly in the day,

collecting my howls where they fell

like wishes through the night.


Lilace Mellin Guignard lives with her husband and two children in rural Northcentral Pennsylvania, where she enjoys playing outdoors and is Associate Editor & Publisher of Mountain Home magazine. She has taught creative writing, outdoor recreation leadership, and women’s studies at Mansfield University. Her poetry has appeared in Calyx, Ecotone, and Poetry magazine. She is the author of the chapbook Young at the Time of Letting Go (Evening Street Press) and the adventure memoir, When Everything Beyond the Walls Is Wild: Being a Woman Outdoors in America (Texas A&M University Press).

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