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Jeff Dunn

Basket Stinkhorn with 3 stages of fruiting body

photo of a basket stinkhorn mushroom featuring an egg-like portion with a light colored "shell," a collapsed lattice section, and an open lattice section filled with red flesh-like pores
3 stages of fruiting body: “Egg,” Collapsed, & Open Lattice. Pungent slime inside is full of spores eaten & spread by flies. Maritime Plaza Park, San Francisco, July 2019.

Armillaria (honey fungus) covered with its spores

a tightly cropped photo of a vertical surface covered in tan-orange mushrooms with large gilled 4caps covered in dusty white spores
Alameda, CA

Mysterious Mushrooms

a closeup photo from below of mushrooms growing from a bed of wood chips; its other-worldly perspective is enhanced by a digitally-added green sky and a person walking in the lower right, making the mushrooms resemble large trees


photo of mushrooms with long stems shot from underneath; the mushroom stems and caps take up the entire frame with a small bit of blue sky and puffy clouds behind

Yellowstone Puffballs

black and white photo of four light-colored, rounded mushroom caps covered in small spikes

Too many people are afraid of fungi and don’t realize what an incredible kind of life they are and how important they are to our ecosystems. I appreciate their life in my photography from both the realistic and fantastic perspective.


An opera composer, geologist, writer, and project manager as well as a photographer, Jeff Dunn adheres to a philosophy of rigorous ironic eclecticism. Jeff was born in Hollywood, CA, where his uncle, a special-effects cinematographer, introduced him to cameras at an early age. Jeff has been a music and photography critic for the last 25 years, writing for San Francisco Classical Voice and photography journals. His landscape photography book Big, Bad, Beautiful: Death Valley is available on Amazon. Jeff began an interest in graphic arts in 2007, when he illustrated his own music reviews online with commentary via photocollage. He has been an active participant in local and international exhibitions, a judge for the Northern California Council of Camera clubs, and a reviewer for LensCulture. His photography can be viewed on his website and on Facebook.

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