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Section Three: Society

Siobhán Daffy

Siobhán Daffy
I was thinking about the Nullarbor
the sound of the word, the vast
emptiness contained in it
and in every pore of that land.
The Karri, the Marri, the Sheoak,
every living creature under the wide sky.
Feral, they called us, an eclectic mix
of people drawn to make a stand
for the standing ones. One
thousand years giving shelter and
holding the soil together, now gone.
Many thought it strange, to protest
their end in a wood chipper, shipped
to Japan to be made into paper.
A book perhaps, the page I’m writing on
or a copy of Hello! magazine.
Siobhán Daffy lives in the Glenasmole Valley, Dublin. She enjoys performing her poems to music. Her poems are seen in The SHOp Magazine, Southword, West 47, Crannog Magazine, Orbis, Equinox Magazine & Fire Magazine.





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