A multi-verse and multi-voice cyber fairytale dreamscape of possible futures


Against the night skyline, she dances and twists and sings. Small silvery surveillance bots zip past her— their curious eyes wink and glow— and long threads of silk radiate from the steel of her breastplate: strands float skyward, catch on the wind and whip shimmering filaments around her metal-clad thighs. On the wide grassy median of the toll road, high voltage power lines buzz overhead as she leads her stallion along the rail tracks. Mexican riders gallop past in a fury of dust and sparks, and a train slips by— clickety-clack-clickety-clack-clickety-clack— strapped to railcar beds, enormous white wind turbine shafts and long motionless blades lay on their sides. She looks up: a fiery planet swirls and erupts with storms and flares and plasma plumes. She touches the outer layers of its turbulent atmosphere and her song fuels a thousand rockets burning across its surface.