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Allen Morris

These photographs are selections from a series of images entitled “ISO” and, as the name implies, they are the visual depiction of a search. More specifically, they illustrate the search for a place of stability in a time of turmoil, confusion, and insecurity. The images are the product of an exploration of my autobiographical narrative; but, given the current sociopolitical situation that confronts us, it has taken on an extra layer of meaning. Not only are we as a country struggling to define ourselves, to find a place of stability and security for all of us to call our own, but those who, like myself, are members of the LGBTQ community find ourselves in danger of sliding backwards when it comes to our civil rights. It’s a tense time, and I believe that these images reflect that confusion and instability while providing moments of solitude and stability to hold on to—moments of beauty in an otherwise chaotic and dangerous place.


black and white photo of a lone tree in a stark landscape
ISO – 3 (Okoboji)

abstract black and white photo of two leaves floating on water
ISO – 193 (Sauk)

black and white photo of wheat blowing in wind
ISO – 59 (9 Mile)


Allen Morris is a photographer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received his M.F.A. in Studio Art in 2015 from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, B.F.A. in Applied Visual Arts in 2005 from Oregon State University and an Associates Degree from Eastern Oregon University in 2002. He makes photographs that focus on the relationship between humans and their environments with a particular interest on the influence of place on identity. His work has been exhibited in galleries in the United States and internationally. He is an active member of the Postcard Collective and the Society for Photographic Education. Allen is currently Associate Lecturer of Photography and the Interim Head of the Photography program at the Peck School of Arts at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

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