in dispatch from

koa forest, heaven
lava tubes, high

volcanic Hawaiʻi

cattle-grazed patches, side-
-ways birds hang on


with their tin feet

and where nothing there keeps
uncles older

than Noah, beneath crimson

ʻōhiʻa, growing in the green mud

she sees Matson


containers with

toilet paper and gifts
ships sail slow

into harbor, Pig-boy

imagines it’s all dream, Hilo
the world below


scarlet steam

hungry goats, feral fe-
-line, birthed from dark

earth, beautiful places

are surrogate mirrors for fine monsters,
cloned, invasive


where Pig-boy, she

wanders alone, a free
range chimera

long lashed, no family, no tribe,

no nation, desperate
life force tithed


breathing in, just

another white Buddhist

in the forest

while others will insist on freaking
out, she breathes


albino Pig-boy

hermaphrodite, she’s coy
and lonely, split

hoofed, full lips, as pretty

as a new penny,
they chant the Heart


Sutra, no eyes,

Bodhisattva, no sky
hands falling like

rain, brothers GMO

her Juicy Couture terry pink tights



Pig-boy, not her lament
of her birth but

of sky darker grows,

the sky the only heaven she will
ever know