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Patti Levey

For Levey, self-portrait photography is both a political statement as well as a spiritual practice. “It is as radical for a woman to photograph herself as it is for her to love herself in any society that values women primarily as objects.”



Black and white portrait of a nude woman covered by a nest with an egg, her face partially obscured by a lace veil
Black and white silver gelatin print, 2004


black and white photo of a nude woman resting in a large bowl, in fetal position with head hidden
Black and white silver gelatin print, 2004


black and white photo of a nude woman holding a bare root tree, reaching up the trunk
Black and white silver gelatin print, 2004


Patti Levey is a Fine Art Photographer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico who has been using self-portrait photography as a means to empowerment and healing for over thirty years. She received a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College in New York and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in San Francisco. She also studied at the Phototherapy Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia and authored a master’s thesis using Self-Portrait Photography as a form of therapy with women. Levey’s work has been shown extensively in New York, San Francisco and Santa Fe, as well as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. A contemporary of Cindy Sherman and Francesca Woodman, Levey has been called “Frida Kahlo with a camera.”

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