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man in a hoodie holding a wild rabbit in front of a fiery landscape / Rewilding / Edited by Tammy Melody Gomez

Rewilding: Recovery, Remembrances, and Reconnection with the Ancestral Wild

Volume V, Issue I – May 2018

Issue editor: Tammy Melody Gomez

Assistant editors: Mayra Guardiola and Priscilla Ybarra

Managing editor: Michael McDermott

Layout editor: Jesse Hughes

Web development: Creature Works

Cover photo: Patrick McGrath Muñiz, FIRE RABBIT (2018) Oil and gold leaf on panel 24 x 30 inches (Print)


The Scope and Landscape of Rewilding
  • Anne Haven McDonnell
    • What Makes Us Human: Cristina Eisenberg On Rewilding People and Place, An Interview by Anne Haven McDonnell

Restoration and Healing
Whispered Memories
Decolonizing Lifeways
Deep Listening
In the presence of other living creatures
Rewilding Urban Life
Grief and Loss


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