To me, as a first generation Vietnamese American, the notion of rewilding constitutes translating naturally-occurring foliage and flavors from Vietnam into a context that may be better appreciated by both American-born persons of Vietnamese or non-Vietnamese descent. Pandan waffles are a traditional Vietnamese dessert and one that represents the balance of Asian and European culture that define Vietnam. Pandan leaves are vibrant and green, with a sweet, custard-like flavor that pairs well with coconut. My central thesis in these photographs, taken during a Lunar New Year celebration, is that Vietnamese Americans address their verdant homeland by making fresh pandan waffles out in public. The familiar Belgian waffle form helps to draw in Westerners who may be otherwise put off by the bright, Hulk-green hues of the batter. The distribution of waffle samples serves as a means to draw others toward this legacy. The leaf-flavored waffle emerges as a recreation of leaves, though the color and flavors have been distilled and concentrated by Western industrial processes.


Photo of pandan leaves

Photo of pandan waffles being cooked on waffle irons Photo of a woman holding a plate with a pandan waffle Photo of people eating pandan waffles Photo of woman eating pandan waffle