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Edwin Torres

at the gate of the open sphere

of ancient trees

of bloods of

of … to happen in


stretch out

the word for thing

for what means … thing


of eaters


breathing you … of you


of older lungs

of you of tell

of what … re tells


the wild

of wind

a younger … tongue


of eating wind


the wild … the wildest of


the eater’s so

the lowest light

the centered … o


the eater’s ode

of you by you

of thing … re tooled


of word by of

re read of page

by of … re ring


re you

of tell

of what means … tell

begrowth : i.e. growth

• • • I


maybe it’s time to convey thought into action

what mind does — to the layered real 

to blend in with

to find familiarity — by blending in with

to blend into layer

removal of the — what the does

to unknown shaping

the — unknown shaping

of every new listen

to record — in earthbound readings

emblems that point

towards — earthbound readings

that bring into here

what mind does — to into — as a way to understand

what interrupts


• • • II


trans-poetic immersion structures

that evolve

out of needs to survive

— what do you need to survive —

take new out of need

what day’s equilibrium

does to new 

the new —

that operate underskin

when mind is inserted

— the here 

that want to be heard

minutae into new — emanating

from underknown

— all that ‘n’ emanating as nnnn — into new

how nnnn

starts as knoooownnn 

and who ownnnns

without all that — nnnn

getting in the way



of balanced imperfection —

— where of operates


• • • III


for the known to become its dictate

listen to the unknown


to dissect line — out of imbalance 

what unknown 

towards want of not here do you own

— do you want —

not here

more than i — or is it

— other way ’round —

dear known

use of — as immersive zygote

dear of — what repeating gesture

of want

brings mind to not

if not here is the goal

— when here is so comfortable —

is uncomfort the goal


• • • IV


use of — as immersive be-goal

the opposite of familiarity

begets instinct

be-comfort in the reach of be-new

the new goal — the being

of goal

— to blend into the unknown instinct —

to blend

in operation of instinct

to understand — what mind does 

as climax of indifference

— how to parse information

for something — anything

connected to change

would that — could that

— be

morning of a thought-in-progress — or

process of a morning-in-thought


• • • V


 transmission — comes to mind

what is mind

but blend — i.e. core 

i.e. new

to the core existence

the adding of the

as a way of being

the action you accept

— i.e. the finding of familiarity

to face what is bound to present

— i.e. what is new

— i.e. growth

what mind does — to i.e. growth

what is i.e. growth

but blend

what is — understanding

of growth

but — life made new by blend —

the underskinned observation

that won’t let go

— before you do

the middle of the sphinx

my riddle — a question I slip on

between the membranes — my fissured speech

pattern dojo

they say the challenge is in the uneasy

to rest in the known — is comfort

to rest is death


° ° °


how dramatic — to stir the melt of distant pores

to edge out what for some — is reason

for others shore

to art as nature intended — note

verb out of subject — to art a lost night of life

is life


° ° °


muffled through these walls — an answer

geysered — as empathy

how time zones

riff notes — out of something

you barely hear

my gone between


° ° °


rounding my papers

spiral effigy — chimes out that

lost chords

through a street of windows

will save you — wounding a moon

is a lost art


° ° °


to flay skin — using tongue — easy as rain

ohm de-settler — my human soul


another same question — framed

indifferently — so as to appear



Edwin Torres is a NYC native and editor of The Body In Language: An Anthology (Counterpath Press). His books of poetry include Quanundrum: i will be your many angled thing (Roof Books) which received a 2022 American Book Award, Xoeteox: the collected word object (Wave Books) and Ameriscopia (University of Arizona Press). Anthologies include New Weathers: Poetics from the Naropa Archives, The Difference Is Spreading: 50 Contemporary Poets on Fifty Poems, Poets In The 21st Century: Poetics of Social Engagement, and Aloud: Voices From The Nuyorican Poets Café.

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