All You Ominous recent Omens, Away with you!
But down the way…bring on the clowns

Best of all for me, National news: to know so many young voters unimpressed by Big Lie rhetoric have been moved to vote in numbers beyond any projected—women as well as men of course, people of color as well as white, native speakers and folks born abroad, people of whichever gender is chosen to suit best. As for the extremist Republican pledge to obliterate Democrats, if not Democracy itself, they’ve so miserably failed. As for Senate Republicans, instead of it being easy to prevent seating any more Democrats, they must now watch the precariously balanced votes. And off to the right we may witness derailed Keri Lake now helpless but still dumping contributions to her campaign into Big Lie coffers instead. And of course beyond these current hints of reassurance for Democrats, the struggles are still ongoing, but the specter of Trump in the future is proving more vulnerable than we had supposed, and that in itself frees up energies to deal with other difficulties ingrained and demanding attention—some within our borders, others on a scale far greater and more immediately demanding than any ever before, confronting not only every human being on Earth but every living creature.

“Global Warming” is an unfortunate term, frankly easy for a large part of our population to ignore…and dismiss.  Warming? Is that not after all conventionally a comforting term? A warm hug, a warm meal, a warm kiss, even a young child’s warm “blankey.” It hardly matches the situation, which, even more than “atomic warfare,” refers to the foreseeable death of every single living thing on the face of the earth. Not by warming. Not even by heat. But by starvation and/or infection affecting every creature, every living thing large or minuscule, on land or in water. Slow to show, it would be even far slower to “correct.” Assuming “correction” was an option. How to convey such urgency without merely panicking folks is, I believe, the first real step… It’s just barely possible that future politicians will need to be first comedians, with the genius to enable people to reduce trauma by detouring attention into laughter. Bob Hope before exhausted WW2 troops…

Robin Williams meets Putin… and Richard Pryer at G7… Whoopi Goldberg and Tina Fe at the UN, Chelsea Handler,  Steve Martin forever… forever.