paper collage of a poem, abstract red shapes, mathematical formulas, and a photo of a display of revolvers
8.5″ × 11″, collage on mixed media weight paper (poem printed and collaged with selected photographs and other cut paper)

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It was set in stone
Don’t you believe me?
(our stone)
to catch the enslaved
who dared
was never an effective aesthetic.
Now-time is not that time,
not precisely.
That is too extreme.
(what time is that?
what once.
upon a time?)
thereby changing your and the
land’s configurations and calculi,
the default.
You didn’t think that these claims
would have mattered so much? Is
that right?
you didn’t? You didn’t think
that it might change for the worse
with the injection of more ferocity
attached to money?
Might change
yourself as well as them?
Well, you both are sealed together
in now-time.

Storyboard, begun 2017, is a growing set of collages on several socio-political topics. Storyboard tells the not totally plotless “story” of our political and social disasters and problematics, with poems (allegories? comments?) on the same page. The work looks at soul-challenging historical events taking shape over the twentieth century, into the twenty-first, not necessarily in a short period of time, but with a gradual and shocking unraveling in recent years. It is generally investigative and responsive.