“You invite the devil, flesh, and world.”
–Sor Juana


You would not be surprised to find them

in the 21st century, as willfully stupid

as the ones who tried to thwart you and your

studies, the nunnery your only refuge

to keep control of your body and your mind.

Corrupt old men still run your church,

trying to put women in the one position

of child-bearing although they might prefer

boys for trans-substantiation and protecting

the priestly perverts. By now you’d think

we’d have made some progress, but no,

we’re still trying to wrest control of our bodies

back from Todd Akins and the Virginia Legislature

which has passed a law requiring vaginal

ultrasounds be thrust up into us as we decide

on a heart-breaking solution no one wants to take.

They think the children of rape should not be

optional. How much is wrong with that perception

of God’s Plan I cannot say in a few words.

Lend me some, Sor Juana, in your wisdom.