I’ve earned my name   look here


I’ve led armies of angels


Battled and won over warriors not of use


Lain under men before they were slain by other men


Turned cobbled walks into streams of gold


And held the moon like desire hot in my hand


All this for a   journey of strength


To guarantee   my worth to the gods


To show what a Woman can be


But   today  when


I opened the windows of clouds from my high tower


And saw caught as I am in midair   from the finery of power


That greenery below on the earth  with small geese clucking


I saw the empty boots from children left beside the stair


I saw them coming up the hill toward me   the children


I know this is what I wanted all along   not majesty or war


What I want as a woman  is    to love  not win


to pour the milk   to open the door   I want to be there