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Leslie Dianne

Our Sister, Our Friend

Come on, he says
shoving everyone aside
like we are in
his world space
come on, he says
louder this time
as a bubble of man rage
simmers on his skin
I focus on his
tone of voice
annoyed, like everything
is irritating him
come on, he shouts
a third time
his voice yanking
the air behind him
forward into fear
we stumble into
the subway car
that slow to
catch up person
who is woman
and calm the air
by our silence and stillness
we let her know that
she is our sister
and our friend
and we are there
we are there


I spy over
the shoulder
of the man
who sits outside
whole foods with an
old fashioned typewriter
his fingers leaping
from one loud key to the next
characters bursting forth
onto the pages
their secret weapons raised
soothing conflicts
boosting esteem
I hear that he is able
to hold the moon in place
and put new stars
in the universe
I think he’s really
a superhero
in disguise as
an ordinary man
with a sign that reads
free poems
but I know the truth
he is saving lives
with words


Leslie Dianne is a poet, novelist, screenwriter, playwright and performer whose work has been acclaimed internationally in places such as the Harrogate Fringe Festival in Great Britain, The International Arts Festival in Tuscany, Italy and at La Mama, ETC in New York City. Her stage plays have been produced in NYC at The American Theater of Actors, The Raw Space, The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater and The Lamb’s Theater. Her poems have appeared or currently appear in The Pangolin Review, Soft Cartel, Esthetic Apostle, PopShot, Ink and Voices, S/tick, Rue Scribe and Furtive Dalliance and are forthcoming in RAW Journal of Arts and Vita Brevis.

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