heavy breathing wakes me

and I brace for pain

as gauntlets rest on protruding knees


more machine

than carbon based

mean machine

cold snaps


these are steps I take

before taking steps


home schooling is for me

not quite yet

it’s cyborg Sunday


my alphabet soup

spells a r

my favorite number

must be 15


a rap on the door

brings an old woman

who asks

if I’ve seen dead children


her skin tic tac toed

across her face

staccato palpitations reply


she’s puzzled

dementia nervosa

she asks

where have you been

son of Tatooine


I reach for a device

voice amplification

because of hollow neck syndrome


Taken out at the knees

I say

deeper than Hawking


Kill shot in throat


why was I born

only to be dismembered


She says

there is much to learn

young one


My empty tear ducts hiccup