Inspired by the nearly extinct family slideshow storytelling tradition, my Strange Histories collages are a series of images made from donated collections of vintage 35 mm slide photographs. Using an analog process of trial and error, I pair complementary slide images to create imaginative double-exposures that transcend both time and experience. From the chaos of tens of thousands of forgotten moments, emerges a world of strange new stories informed by a confluence of memories, beliefs, feelings, truths, hopes, fears and humor.


double-exposure photo featuring a forest and men building ship masts

Undead Forest


double-exposure photo featuring the Palace of Versailles and a rhinoceros

The Great Divide


double-exposure photo featuring a female lion laying on grass and stone relief carvings of faces on temple walls

The Old Gods


double-exposure photo featuring silhouetted Iwo Jima Memorial and ancient pyramids

Land Grab