It takes a plague to crystallize

the malignancy occupying the White House

that churns out death

a gross carnage of humanity

stockpiled inside U-Haul trucks


It takes a plague to breach the lies

we live in this America

bearing its mercenary truths

its decomposing laws

scavenged by elected vultures


A plague is what it takes

to realize red baseball-capped buffoons

can freely amass assault rifles

the privileged scant illiterate and starved

lined up for miles to reach food banks

gleefully waving soiled confederate flags in tatters


A plague must be what it takes

to discover our illusory lives

the hamster wheel we’ve been sold

traveling on it all along

toward manufactured dreams

toward nowhere in reality


It takes a plague to recognize

we are orphans in this America

sparing no expense we’re marked for ruin

by the slothful elites who bask

in swimming pools of our blood


A plague is what it takes

to wake up from this American dream

to see our children encaged

our mothers our fathers

butchered in broad daylight

our homes mired in soot water

our lands laced of oil pipelines

discharging at whim

scourging valleys filled of life

decimating our future

under a foul dark layer of evil


A plague must be what it takes

for our redress in the streets

of this America

our decisive rebellion

our final renaissance.