and the kindness
of others is appreciated
on the open and
black markets     since
both are close-by the
spot we get lotto
tickets and little bags
of that good
    “good good”
cop cursing
and camera time are important
modules to a hurting
block and one crying
mother    full of gasps and
red-eyes by what
     blood    ruins
 when it black tops or
       top soils
under a son
with a broken-mom now replaying
those sunday school lessons
while those men in suits comfort
the cameras using quotes
    all fire-branding and harsh
words    half thoughts and
dead   lines     media will turn into
mom will cry and claw away at money to upturn dirt
place him in easter sunday shoes that shine in dirt
one day
a graphic tee
an info-graphic
& a graphite sign
will media his name
into spins
amidst covers,
coverings,  cough
and the heavy costs
of molotovs burning
cardboards over
patrol cars