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Wendi White


I have no cup to pour,
no incense to burn,
no tobacco to cast
upon stone.

My thanks rise
with a fluttering heart
at the sight of Eagle’s
tail fan over
river dawn.

There is only this—
that my prayer climb
with the sun, that I
make good use
of this day ashore.


on a single leaf.
It will help. See
how its oval divides
shade from light
from gloom?
How the underside
mottled from rain
from sheltering
aphid eggs glued
like grains of rice
on paper reveal
the origins of all
playschool art.

This leaf, a locus
of sun and air
water and earth
lasts a season
to fall at first chill
to come undone
by way of worms
to return its form
to reaching roots,
to climb the pines
bud again
beside the moon.


Wendi White is a poet and educator currently musing among the geckoes and ginger scented ridges of O’ahu. She earned her MFA from Old Dominion University’s Creative writing program and was awarded the graduate Academy of American Poets Prize at Old Dominion. In her day job she works for the well-being of women, children and families. At home she cares for one spouse, two sons, a gracious mango tree and a naughty puppy named Rafiki.

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