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Jill Hall

Jill Hall
The Cedar Hill Fire

“Something wicked this way comes.”
—from Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Spider webs shine like threads of silk,
dusty air floats and glows. A flinch flies
to a nest in leafy eaves, looks like
an angel but chirps like the devil.

Santa Ana winds whip, a coyote yips,
the dark horse flicks his tail. Something
hot is on the way ominous and devastating.
The electricity snaps out with a crackle

then the phone lines too. A gloomy smoke,
smelling of death, rolls down Cuyamaca
Peak. My heart beats fast as I imagine you
covered in ash, black as the night sky.

I grab the dogs and head out the gate,
hopeful that I’m not too late.
Jill G. Hall has been writing poetry for several years and is deeply inspired by her spiritual connection to nature. She believes and is concerned that development and greed have attributed to climate change, which affects our fragile ecosystems. Jill attends a monthly read & critique group with Steve Kowit at San Diego Writers, Ink. Her poems have been published in Serving House Journal, A Year in Ink, City Works, The Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poetry and Wild Women, Wild Voices. Her blog, Crealivity, she shares her thoughts on the art of practicing a creative lifestyle.


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