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Moisés Villavicencio Barras

Moisés Villavicencio Barras

Lejos de la Gente
Que Muere con las Estaciones

Para Megan Allen

me acuesto como un perro
a mirar las alfombras
que el otoño teje
entre las ramas.
me levanto
como el calor de la tierra
y camino las avenidas
de autos y peatones
que se transforman y aullan,
autos que pasan ocupando
el tiempo y la gloria
de la manaña que se abre
otra vez
como la herida
en mis patas de invierno.

Soy entonces ese perro
que te llama hermano
con mis ladridos
desde una calle
amada por mi cuerpo
que siente
el rencor y la infamia
en los pasos que brillan.

Hoy te abrazo
en el aire de esta mañana,
y juego contigo
dando saltos y ladridos
que saben
a horas solas.

Sé que me a respiras
en el aire que te toca
el rostro y por un momento
te hace pensar
que hay otra salida,
otro tiempo
que no es como
un collar de espinas,
un collar serpiente
que se muerde la cola.

A veces tú encuentras
en la risa de las ramas
y los gorriones
el aire y el vuelo
de otro tiempo,
como polen
que se eleva hacia las nubes
rojas y húmedas
cargadas de lluvia.

Soy entonces ese perro
que se acostumbró
a morir con el invierno,
y a resucitar en los tobillos
de la muchacha
que busca luciérnagas
entre la hojarasca de la noche.
Away From People
That Die With The Seasons

Para Megan Allen

I lay down
like a dog
to observe the rugs
that autumn weaves
among the branches.
Tired I get up
like steam from the earth.
Tired I walk avenues of cars
and pedestrians
that transform and howl,
cars that pass by occupying
the time and glory
of the morning
that opens again
like wounds
in my winter legs .

I am then
that dog
that calls you brother
when I bark
in a street
loved by my body,
my body that feels
infamy and resentment
in the steps that shine.

I embrace you
like this morning’s air
and I play with with you
jumping and barking.
My barks know about
lonely hours.
I know that you breath me
in the air that touches
your face and for a moment
makes you think
that there is another solution
another time,
a time that is not like
a necklace of thorns,
a snake necklace
bitting its tail.

Sometimes you find
in the laughter of branches
and sparrows
the air and flight
of another time,
as pollen
that rises into the clouds
wet and red.
Clouds charged with rain.

I am then that dog that used
to die in the winter
and rise up again
in the ankles
of the girl
seeking fireflies
between the leaves of the night .
Moisés Villavicencio Barras is a Mexican poet, translator, fiction writer, and co-founder of Cantera Verde, a magazine that has been one of the most significant literary publications in Mexico for the last twenty years. His first book of poetry May among Voices (Mayo entre Voces) was published in 2001. His poetry has been selected for several Mexican anthologies, magazines, and CDs. His children’s book Urarumo (2005) was published and distributed for the Department of Education in Oaxaca, México. He received two writing fellowships through the National Commission for the Arts in Mexico (1993-1994 and 1996-1997).
Moisés’ poetry also has been published in the United States in such publications as Verse Wisconsin and Beatitude Golden Anniversary and in Canada in Contemporary Verse 2. His children’s book, Tito, the Lost Bellybutton, was published in 2012 by the Department of Public Instruction of Oaxaca, México. His newest book of poetry, published by Cowfeather Press, is called Luz de Todos los Tiempos / Light of All Times and contains poems in Spanish and Eng.


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