For Oklahoma

A lake, unfurling, under the bridge

My small foot on the gas pedal propelling me across the bridge

Tiny dinosaurs and Red-Tailed hawks threatening to land on the bridge

Depleted serotonin asking spotty neurotransmitters to please plummet off the bridge

My slender hands around the steering wheel, tapping along to the radio on the bridge

Injection site, alive & tender & on fire, bandaged in my T-shirt flying on the bridge

An imaginary fin announces itself from the waters just beyond the bridge

There was no warning sign before the appearance of the bridge

The sun like an accidental chord reflected in my rearview mirror on the bridge

There is no merging or smoking or sinking on the bridge

Legal forms rattle in the glove compartment on the bridge

My beard is silent on the bridge

Mountains are stone trolls on the other side of the bridge

I will still need my passport on this side of the bridge

My gold watch—or a wedding gift compass—melts into my skin on the bridge

I take my new voice singing on the bridge

I see turtle roadkill on the bridge, pink tongues that once panted, this bridge, this bridge, this bridge