the stiltgrass I
the stiltgrass I am
pulling all the unpulled
stiltgrass I am leaving
behind the stiltgrass
still pulling on me
leaves of flat emerald
daggers unsheathed
stems unscaffolding
from aerial rootlets
the stiltgrass that
came here packaged
arrived as packing
material for the kinds
of goods that need
cushioning these egos
our edges of fragile
porcelain imported
in undifferentiated
stiltgrass of which
I take possession
projecting myself
bent into thatched
hillside reading myself
in leaves of stiltgrass
as invasive super-
spreader of seeds
so small and easily
adhering allelopathy
subvocalized to curate
my surroundings
secreting myself in
metaphor making
a leave-taking non-
native species even
the weakest budge
reburgeons nudging
others to germinate
to blanket the steep
embankment this
long cool wet spring
I am intent on by
fistfuls untangling