We love punctuation we love it on our

Faces between our eyes the commas

On pages Slashes & virgules by the noses

The deeper ones called smile lines

The history of punctuation on our faces

The not smooth now colonized landforms

Try ageless skin revolution dot com

An internet pop-up says between news

Botox could fix your punctuation

& we don’t want service worker bacteria

Injected in our skin some of our sisters

Said naming wrinkles after the drier years


The history of punctuation in the west

Men were reading silently Women didn’t

Read of course They were accompanied

• • ••

By the lyre & strings Construction

Workers do not whistle anymore

Because of punctuation on my faces

When i think of the invention of signs


When we think interpunct the small plump

Dot made reading easier We welcome

Extra punctuation over time Women


Sat up high in the arena No signs

For when the gladiators killed

& on the wrinkled earth the animal



The interpunct kept pace & thus the scribes

Began their sense of inner pacing

At what level did experience begin

Thus began the sense of inner facing At

What degree do Botox creatures stretch

^^^^]]\ \ \~~

Marks designed to make reading easier

Weakness happens when the muscles


Fall They invented the diple & the period


At the Grand Canyon we saw wrinkles

Up & down from the Precambrian

What’s so bad about granite wrinkles

What’s so bad about punctuated women


The parenthesis was added later

Grief Botox may cause side effects

We won’t accept a corporate account

Of our skin We do accept the long Pre-

^^^^]]\ \ \

Cambrian The feldspar in the west

The punctuation in the texts Monks

/ / / / / / /\ \ \ \ \ \

Placed marks in surviving manuscripts

Mostly not coming from the author


Aurelius noted he had inserted marks

))(()) (())

Others appear in the 4th century

Not hopeless only adding pauses

Metamorphic commas on the faces

,,,,,,,  ,,,,,,,


Marks had been inserted to show forces

The diple with one dot of traces

> >. > >. > >....

The asterisk appeared medievally


The punctus exclimativus & by then

Human surprise had been invented

Experience on our faces & once when


We were hiking down into the Precambrian

Granitic structures Huge Vishnu Complex

⧽⧽⧽⧽⎠ ⎠ ⎠ ⎠

We had extra experience A reader suddenly

Allowed to put the marks in The printer

Made the right to put emotions in


When he left her punctuation deepened


Only some languages develop commas

Some faces Some agreements have &

[[[]]&/ / / <.>

Time makes other lines within the sense

Of sense He started leaving her when

She grew Precambrian around the eyes

He was very going to leave her then he did

\ \ \          / /

Another started naming wrinkles after times

She named them Valley of the M Heart-

Break Budget Protest App When you see

An older woman on the street a reading

/ / / / / / /\ \ \ \ \ \

Of her beauty starts No stretching skin

Smile lines built like the Precambrian


She began to think of reading on her face

Read wrinkles like experimental poetry


Lines backed up from the Precambrian

Wrinkled earth over a billion years

His new wife had no lines at all

No timing had developed on the skin

——–/ / /\ \~~~~

Isadore promoted silent reading

They’re kind of beautiful if you don’t

Allow a corporation on your skin


Song of the ridiculous Well you really


Had a good run of it with all that

Happened to your skin & women

Looked down to the ground we love



Older ground becomes so rich & rare

After Botox she couldn’t whistle well

Zoroaster granite’s igneous intrusions

The corporation needs our shameful self


In her divorce the wrinkles deepened

(((((/ / / / /

Individual wrinkles named for lovers

Young & older writing adding time

??}}}\ | | /

To it the commas of pure pleasure

After great pain the Precambrian

Some sense in the experiment grew

The pattern of pure pleasure grew

The measure of text is not pre-death


They call it facework now an understretch


Of tiny creatures in the skin The western

Lovely friend afraid of smiling now

Did Sappho know about the interpunct

My wrinkles are beside the earthly years

(((((/ / / / /

Traces in surviving manuscripts where

Monks inserted one of the centuries

The actress had a good run of it he wrote

They called her wrinkles tiny flaws

Emerging tiny flaws above the sweat

Glands & the sensory receptors In our

Grand Canyon the comma is the door


What is your favorite form of punctuation?

My favorite form is the almost pause

To have some extra time around the dream

Not dream of youth (Poor Botox creatures

Chained into our friend) O semi-colon

Why hatred of old women not of earth?

Why no hatred of old canyons Why no hatred

Of the Valley Why hatred of the women

Doing nails & women eating, teaching

Nursing babies walking talking bent

Like commas Why do the aging women

Apologize until they barely even talk ? Asked


The semicolon & it said don’t be ashamed

Of your skin i asked comma it said

Don’t be ashamed of your eyes i asked

The virgule the parenthesis the dash

The tilde the umlaut the macron They

Said don’t be ashamed shame shame

i asked the ellipsis & the period

The exclamation & the question mark

To read the human woman’s face &

The signs said take your time The pauses

Bent & heard, as did the quartzes &

Cracked feldspar faces of the canyons


There are the marks & runnels &

Rivulets, scratches & of exiles

Skin, sex, age, capacities. Oh quartz,

Ah granitc, basalt, lava, faces

Stay with you. They remember

You. They made signs with laughter.

Old women we remembered you.

Remembered the wrinkles under

Cities. The faces ours, full of pain

… dots & lines, & whines;;; faces

loved in suffering & gladness over

all the earth –!!??~~’’/ /..;;,,]]{ {