o bright northwestern sun submerge rolling hills of prickly pines tall hickory trunks with your light cool winds thread in out in out and under soften the step soften the chomp of green brown green leaves pressed against heavy worn heels of clay caked boots soft eyes strong sense the waters [find the waters] wade in hot springs [take the waters] to your cheeks to your neck to your elbows and thighs heal the nappy rash the workwounds open raw sharp sorrow knots in the back of your neck [look up] for the bridge of your nose God’s gonna trouble those waters clean clear crisp free run wild wild waters across a back down the souls those black freedoms you hear those black and living whistling in ear o bright northwestern sun strengthen the call caw like a band of vultures circling circling for their next prey deliver us deliver us o Lord well step slow and deep in the hot springs of Arkansas and pray.