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Rust Belt Renewal Resources


American Community Gardening Association – national network for those in the movement

Rustwire – online publications documenting rebirth in the Rust Belt

Great Lakes Urban Exchange – taking the rust out of “Rust Belt”

Urban Agriculture News – Daily news for the urban agricultural community and those concerned

Rust Belt Revival Center – the “Saving Cities” campaign


CSAs in Western New York at Editable Buffalo – a guide to community supported agriculture in the region

PUSH Buffalo – People United for Sustainable Housing

Green Options Buffalo – supporting the biking lifestyle in Buffalo

Buffalo Rising – information about sustainability and people-power in the region

Empire State Future – ideas for sustainable New York

Rust Belt Renewal – blog about the Buffalo sustainability community


Sustainable food in western PA – CSA’s, farms and farmers’ markets

Grow Pittsburgh – farm, farmstand, educational offerings

Fossil Free Fuel – making the post-oil transition in Braddock

Digging Pitt – blog about sustainability in western PA and eastern OH

Biking Pittsburgh – getting around the Steel City on wheels


Michigan CSA Guide – Community Supported Agriculture in Michigan

Detroit: Boggs Center – involved and highlighting rebirth activities in Detroit

Detroit: Gardening Angels – African-American elders helping excite youth about sustainability

Pony Ride – connecting projects, people and properties in Detroit

Power House – demonstration project on sustainability and recoverability in housing

The Motor(less) City – blog supporting sustainable development in Detroit

Model D – creating new narratives for Detroit

Rethink Detroit – ideas for reimagining the post-industrial city


Cleveland Review – A literary magazine highlighting rust belt writers

Ohio Community Supported Agriculture – with searchable maps

Ec-Ohio – network of sustainable projects in Ohio

Ohio Community Gardens – over sixty of them, making available fresh food and sustainability skills.

Four Seasons Farm, Columbus, Ohio – food production and community building

Growing to Green, Columbus, Ohio – a project of the Franklin Park Conservatory to assist 200 community gardens

Fourth Street Farm, Columbus, Ohio – community based farm and educational organization

A Piece of Cleveland – recycling used lumber into useful and beautiful objects

Local Food Cleveland – includes CSAs from nearby region

Defend Youngstown – blog dedicated to renewal in Youngstown

Cleveland SGS – devoted to supporting the best Cleveland offer

Green City Blue Lake – a project of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to encourage sustainable thinking

Renovating the Rust Belt – Rust Belt into Green Belt?


Go local information – farm-to-table in Indiana

Indiana Living Green – online community supporting sustainability


Local Harvest – guide to fresh food and farmer

Chicago Farms and Projects – projects sponsored by Milwaukee’s Growing Power (see below)

312 Aquaponics – growing fresh fish in former factories

Seeding Chicago – network and online journal

Chicago Center for Green Technology – comprehensive green design educational resource

The Peorian – voices from the Peoria region


Wisconsin Local Foods – network connecting farmers and consumers

Growing Power – nationally-recognized sustainability project based in Milwaukee

Wisconsin Sustainability Network – focus on education, industry and development

Wisconsin Alternative Energy Fair – annual frenzy of exciting ideas




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