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Section 2

Kaveri Patel

Kaveri Patel
Let’s explore the edges
of our vulnerability together
and not get sucked in its black hole,
holding on to each other’s hands,
holding on to each other’s hearts
in a circle of endless compassion.
No story is too tragic,
too tender in the light
and space of shared awareness.
It is a novel written by us all—
the chapters changing,
characters, settings, and plots variable.
But suffering is all the same,
believing you are a separate star
when you always belonged
to this solar system—
this darkness, this light.
Kaveri Patel seeks to initiate meaningful change through fierce, tender presence. Her literary work has appeared in Buddhist Poetry Review, Passing It On, Touch: The Journal of Healing, The Healing Muse, We’Moon, and The Wayfarer. Her poetry, publications, and classes can be found at



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