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Section 4

EmJay Hong

EmJay Hong
God is the Devil’s Puppet
in the morning the devil puts god on a leash and takes him outside for a walk
he checks the watch on his wrist
6:52 AM
come on, says the devil, because he wants to be home by 7 in time for his meeting
but it takes them longer because god always wants to stop,
and bark at every person they pass
until he is slightly reassured the people only want to pet him and give him sesame bagels.
the devil leaves god in the yard while he greets demons at the door
they make god uneasy and he whines with big eyes only to be distracted by a mutinous squirrel.
the devil detains his demonic guests, hushes god up with a treat,
then brings god back inside for a sponge bath.
cucumbers, lemons, wet fur,
is he drowning yet?
he escapes the tub and runs through the hall and the devil calls
come back.
says god.
says the devil and they sit at the glass panes watching the pain from where they perch.
god is jumping on the bed, a happy little animal
that is not the point, says the devil impatiently, of a bed.
god doesn’t listen.
it is shedding season, and soon all of the pillows are coated in a fine film of hair.
when the devil makes dinner with the exorcist,
who is really very quite sloppy,
they often let god eat the lasagna that falls on the floor.
the exorcist will then cease to exist and take all of the
fettuccine alfredo (which is god’s favourite, actually)
with him.
the devil puts god on the leash and they march to the beach
and god is happy, playing in the spray;
it’s simple geometry.
EmJay Hong is a visual arts senior at Perpich Center for the Arts Education. She enjoys writing, playing music, watercolour, and making mac and cheese in any kitchen. She’s currently working on a poetry book and a fiction series. She blogs regularly at



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