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Section 2

Kaveri Patel

Kaveri Patel
Beyond Intimacy
It’s more important to be heard
than to prove a point,
two people unzipping skin
down to soul longing,
down to marrow memories.
He takes off his clothes
but she remains fully dressed,
scared to expose what’s underneath.
What if he doesn’t like what he sees?
What if she doesn’t like what he sees?
He wants something more
beyond skin to skin contact,
beyond what’s in a name
to reveal the universe inside him,
to know her space within.
Kaveri Patel seeks to initiate meaningful change through fierce, tender presence. Her literary work has appeared in Buddhist Poetry Review, Passing It On, Touch: The Journal of Healing, The Healing Muse, We’Moon, and The Wayfarer. Her poetry, publications, and classes can be found at



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