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Section 5

Saddiq Dzukogi

the night is like that

“The Night is Like That” by Saddiq Dzukogi sometimes the night is like that she becomes hungry and sits quietly like a dove picking shadows out of its feathers according to the owl its hoot is the only meal likely to obligate this beggarly body tipsy under a moon’s swollen eyes i said i’d ask why she has no neighbor the night is not saying anything about itself sometimes the night is like that during the day she tracks to basements & below cradles and lies there like a girl who is upset sometimes the night is like that salient as goodbye

Saddiq Dzukogi writes from Minna. He has had poems featured or forthcoming in literary publications such as: Chiron Review, Vinyl, The Poetry Mail, Saraba Magazine, Helicon, Off the Coast, The Volta, The Blue Lotus Art Journal, Grey Sparrow, among numerous others. Saddiq is a mentor at Hilltopart Centre and also the poetry Editor at Expound Magazine.



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