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Section 5

John Garmon

John Garmon
I’m Speaking of Myself
White bread
Cream of mushroom
Mush-brain mentality
A life of too many
My favored drug
Brief messages
Pigeons build condos
In tree tops
Search for water
Everyone is thirsty
Everyone is hungry
There is food
In certain neighborhoods
There is water
John Garmon Garmon is a 75-year-old poet serving students in the writing center at the College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas.His poems and stories have been in Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, Commonweal, Southern Poetry Review, Southern Humanities Review, Radius, Paradise Review, Leaves of Ink, The Oregonian, Midwest Quarterly Review, and many other places. He once was president of Berkeley City College, and met Joseph Brodsky, with whom he shared a birthday, May 24, 1940.



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