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Section 6

Kenyatta JP Garcia

how much horsepower is left? what sense does that make in the face of trips to the end of the universe? if it ends. if it continues. if it multiplies and contains more possibilities than this time ever (will) encounter? how many suns will set candlepower and lumens into furious calculations to catch up?  to equal?  		to surpass? * whole deserts scattered from here to back around to here. sandblasted. plains bitten by snow. and yet with so much wind covering pole to pole the world’s full of rough places.  this here’ll never be the marble the marbles were fashioned after / from. * going by the numbers, I think I’m poor. going by how much I owe I should be okay. I think the world will keep me around until I pay off my debts. * the rooftops are closer to rockbottom than the constellations. 		maybe everybody here is broke. * I want to delete what the Mars rover has seen. I don’t want to think about someplace better to go for a drink. * what if our watering hole is more than it seems? then what? godspeed to those who would exploit it? * our words might be on the moon by now. who knows? I don’t want to imagine soundwaves breaking up on getting away from here. I want other worlds to find beauty in a world called ‘sketchy’ around here.
Kenyatta JP Garcia is the author of This Sentimental Education, ROBOT and Yawning on the Sands. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, they now reside in upstate NY where they studied linguistics and several living and dead languages. They were a cook for a dozen years but currently they spend their nights putting boxes on shelves and the days being an editor at Horse Less Review.



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