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Section 2

Wendy Pfrenger

Wendy Pfrenger
The Koi Pond
There it is always autumn.
The bright-oranges and yellows spread
amidst the murky greens and browns.
Beside the overgrown hostas
and wild mint, the unshaped rocks,
we perch, we wait and yearn
for the occasional flash of a life
not still, not waiting, not deliberative
and we choose
and we wait
and we are
over and over again.
Wendy Pfrenger grew up in a number of east-coast cities, spending just enough time in each to fall in love with it before moving on. She has, for the moment, put down roots in northeast Ohio and teaches at Kent State University’s Salem campus. Her passion for place informs her poetry as well as her work developing pathways to college for rural Appalachian students.



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