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Section 3

Ana Božičević

Ana Božičević
Busted Xmas Card
I’m writing a novel
(I think) in which
the things that in this century
are called bipolar
immigrant lesbian
are actual superpowers
Raise your crazy hand if you’ve imagined
how in another time
you’d be a witch a shaman! or just
another migrant locked up & labored into fine mist
And it’s now about that time
Xtians celebrate
the birth of boy wonder
whose trip they dig but
can’t quite follow, all over
they’re mounting stars on spiked fences
Wow even I bought something
off amazon
a guy earning $12/hr packed it
another walked in the cold
to deliver
identical plastic gold toy trains
to a family tossed by isms straight up war and the art world
And no one was indicted in the prison murder of
There’s still time for a ride
to the mall or endtimesy
orgy between friends
dope or daime
before the ball drops
I don’t pretend
to understand what goes on
around me
that’s my superpower
I don’t mind
your gaze from a distance
Who wants to hold the hand anyway
of a damaged refugee liar
Who struggles with you
a great spotted beast in inverted dioramas
where there’s such a thing
as the death of the market
and difference and love
are key
They’re fucking key
Ana Božičević is a Croatian-born poet living and teaching poetry in NYC. Her “Rise in the Fall” was a Lambda Literary Award winner. More at



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